Thursday, July 3, 2008

A new addition!

Hi It has been a busy week and not a lot of stamping has been getting done.  But here is some pics of what has been happening in our back yard... The bob cat came and dug a big hole.  The kids were amazed at the drivers skills and speed.  DS sat and watched the whole thing for 3 hours with out moving...  Maybe we should have a bobcat come and dig holes more often.

One more sleep and the crane arrived....  Well I don't know how much sleep my son got..

I was told it was a good crane because it does not use the same magnets like Cranky!!( from Bob the Builder) So the pool should be OK.  And it is red Mum so that is good.
I have to done load the images of the pool so I will be back later to give you a look and show you the mess of our back yard...

Take care

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