Sunday, August 23, 2009

Off the Page !! Baroque Motifs!!

Well this is really off the page. I must admit that my lovely husband has done the hours of hard work. I just get to stamp on it. This is one of my birthday presents, and I must say it is looking lovely.

Yes it is a guitar !! A little out of the ordinary... (not finished yet however)

Everything got stamped.. Even the back.. (In true stamper style) Sorry no photo's of the back just yet. This is a bass guitar made out of Sheok one of my favourite timbers. (A beautiful Western Australian Timber) Black stazon works wonders on wood. She is still to get her final coats of varnish, pick ups and metal work inserted, strings, then she is good to go. Who would have thought....

I have named her SHE. Hoping this will deter male bass players from playing her. She is all mine. Hehehe. Cannot wait till she is all in one piece.

Thanks Mike, love you

PS. I promise I will stamp on card stock soon. Take care and have a great week..

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