Wednesday, January 28, 2009

As happy as a pig in mud..

Well I don't have any cards to show you at the moment.  But I have been cleaning my stampin space this last few weeks.  Well Hooray it is finished.  My wonderful hubby started this cleaning and organising frenzy.  He made me a lovely ribbon holder.  It goes with the super duper stamp pad holder he made at the beginning of 2008.  So here is a peek into my space..

I also love the fact it holds some of my well used punchs.  The only down side is it is going to be full soon..  Then what do we do?? ;)

Below is the view from the door.  Not too bad.  My little Alex drawers (white) hold heaps of things I love it.  This was top of my IKEA shopping list for over a year, and I am so glad I got it.

And then there is more....  Oh my, they seem to breed.  It looks more when you clean it and have everything in there place.. :) I think...  I must say I am as happy as a pig in mud.  

Take care.  Now I'm off to create..


Narelle Nettelbeck said...

So this is what your room looks like when it's clean!!

Are will still set to stamp tomorrow night or do you want to keep your room clean??

Di Mancino said...

Love your room now Claire, looks very organised!
Best wishes
Di Mancino

Mrs Adept said...

I love your stamp room. It's always super great to have a handy husband.